Peter Zellner

Peter Zellner is the founding principal of ZELLNERPLUS, a Los Angeles based architectural design firm. He coordinates the SCIFI program at SCI-Arc with David Bergman.

ZELLNERPLUS has successfully executed public and private art galleries, residences, institutional facilities and corporate spaces in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. ZELLNERPLUS spaces include the Sweeney Art Gallery for UC Riverside, the REDCAT Lounge and Bar at Disney Concert Hall, as well as projects for Napster, LAXART, Harris Lieberman and Maccarone Inc. ZELLNERPLUS is currently working on the SONY Creative Ring for SONY Consumer Electronics in Santa Monica California, a gallery for Wallspace in New York City, and a recent commission to provide ArtFairs Inc. with event architecture for three national art fairs in 2008 and 2009.

He holds a Master in Architecture from Harvard University (1999). At the Harvard GSD he was a participant in the Harvard Project on the City led by Rem Koolhaas. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from with First Class Honors from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (1993) in Australia.


彼得泽尔纳是主要的创始ZELLNERPLUS ,洛杉矶的建筑设计公司。他协调SCIFI计划脊髓损伤弧大卫伯格曼。

ZELLNERPLUS已成功地执行公共和私人画廊,住所,机构设施和企业的空间在洛杉矶,旧金山和纽约市。 ZELLNERPLUS用地包括斯威尼美术馆的河滨加大的REDCAT酒廊和酒吧在迪斯尼音乐厅,以及Napster的项目, LAXART ,哈里斯利伯曼和ZELLNERPLUS马卡罗尼公司目前正在对索尼创新环索尼在消费类电子产品加利福尼亚州圣莫尼卡,一个画廊的Wallspace在纽约市,和最近的委员会,以提供ArtFairs公司的活动架构,三个民族艺术博览会在2008年和2009年。

他拥有建筑大师从哈佛大学( 1999年) 。在美国哈佛大学政府物料供应处,他参加了美国哈佛大学工程对市领导的库哈斯。他获得了学士学位建筑与一等荣誉来自墨尔本皇家理工学院( 1993年)在澳大利亚。

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